Achieving 8 Gbps (XGS-PON) speeds using Hirschmann HFC and RFoG products

When looking at today’s broadband perspectives in the European market the battle on applicable technologies will go on and on, do we need to upgrade or overbuild the current HFC with fiber? It will always depend on the goals which need to be achieved. If you just need to have fiber to all homes as […]

Advantages of RFoG Technology: Bridging Fiber and Coaxial Networks

Introduction RFoG, or Radio Frequency over Glass, is a technology that combines the DOCSIS application on fiber to the curb and fiber to the home networks. It is primarily used in the field of telecommunications to deliver high-speed internet, television, and other services to homes and businesses based on DVB-C and DOCSIS Traffic. RFoG technology […]

Auto Alignment

The Hirschmann BA and BN1218 E amplifiers and nodes are equipped with the Auto Alignment feature. With this feature the downstream settings can be automatically configured by setting the target output level without using an external spectrum analyzer or other measuring equipment. The result is achieved with a very high accuracy and consistency of plus […]

IBC Participation – SCTE Lecture

On Monday, September 18th, SCTE hosted its IBC Lecture at Rai Amsterdam. The seminar centered around the theme “Tackling the telco net zero challenge.” During the event, three highly technical presentations delved into the various hurdles faced by telecommunications providers. The primary focus revolved around two key aspects: minimizing energy consumption and actively participating in […]

Major upgrade for all SPARK models

Weesp, August 2023, Extended SNMP functionality SPARK series and major upgrade for all SPARK models. Hirschmann Provider Products, a part of Hirschmann Multimedia B.V., announces ​​the latest ​​firmware ​​upgrade to ​​one of its its flagship products, SPARK series, RFoG multi diode receiver. This major firmware release 1.0.3 for all SPARK models, supports the latest hardware […]